Is there rich content on your website about which readers will say, “that was incredibly HELPFUL”?


While SEO remains critical to the success of your site, both individual readers and search engines are savvy enough to see keyword-packed fluff for what it is.

These days, your website content needs to be rich in information and provide useful information — information that readers will want to share with their colleagues and friends.

Are you PROUD to send people to your website or do you have a nagging feeling
of hesitation?


If you don’t feel your website says everything it needs to say, there’s a good chance your content is not doing its job.

Your website needs to convey your business’ message in a way that is crystal clear, compelling and confident. And it needs to do so in a voice that reflects your business’ values.


Worried your web content isn't hitting the mark? Don't know where to start with an assessment of what's missing or lacking? Ask yourself these four questions.

 4 Questions to Ask About
Your Web Content

Does the content across all your communication CHANNELS
work together to tell your story in a consistent way?


Defining overarching goals and developing an executable strategy for streamlining your content across channels — website, email marketing, social media, mobile and print — isn’t just helpful, it’s vital.

And, done right, it will save you time and effort in the
long run.


Does the content on your site lead the reader down a PATH
of engagement


Do you have a nice, descriptive blurb about your site on the homepage — but lack the “next steps” for readers to click through to a deeper level or, better yet, buy your service
or product?
 Maybe your blog has great information but is a dead end for readers who could be discovering more about your organization.

Thinking through and planning out how readers will consume your content is an exercise worth undertaking.


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